The Patrol Service Award was renamed in 2018/19 to recognise the significant contribution that the Webb Family have made to patrol service to the Mandurah Surf Lifesaving Club and the community of Mandurah. Between them all the Webb family have won this Award (youth and senior) a total of 11 times.

Webb Medal – Patrol Service

YearWebb Medal – Patrol Service 
2005/06Warwick Webb
2006/07Warwick Webb
2007/08W. Webb/G. Webb
2008/09Warwick Webb
2009/10Warwick Webb
2010/11W. Webb/J. Webb
2011/12Warwick Webb
2012/13Warwick Webb
2013/14Warwick Webb
2014/15Adam Hoes
2015/16Adam Hoes
2016/17Adam Hoes
2017/18Darren Gould
2018/19Russell Price 
2019/20Liam Gould
2020/21Darren Gould
2021/22Darren Gould

Webb Medal – Youth Patrol Service

YearWebb Medal – Youth Patrol Service
2013/14Tea Webb
2014/15Jake Webb
2015/16Liam Gould
2016/17Liam Gould
2017/18Liam Gould
2018/19Dylan Higgins
2019/20Sydnee Gould
2020/21Sydnee Gould
2021/22Niamh Connolly