Mandurah Surf Life Saving Club – Committee


Thank-you to all club members for their roles during this period, in particular the inaugural president Drew Bathgate and his wife Maureen, later president Alan White and Bob Wintle and other committee members Mike and Claire Lathouras, Kevin Beard, Ross Shephard, Brett Bettridge, Steve DeVries, Stan Bathgate, Glenn and Robyn Boddy. No other records were available.

Committee Members

YearPresident Vice PresidentClub CaptainAdministration DirectorFinance DirectorDirector of Marketing and SponsorshipDirector of LifesavingDirector of NippersDirector of YouthDirector EducationDirector of Surf Sports
2003/04Drew BathgateWally FryRick FryJoane FryJoane FryWarwick WebbPaul TimmsDebbie BoekelmanDebbie BoekelmanGeorgina WebbVacant
2004/05Wally FryWarwick WebbMike GrayGeorgina WebbMercedes BarrieVacantVacantDebbie BoekelmanDebbie BoekelmanSue GrayVacant
2005/06Warwick WebbW.Fry/G. HarbeckMike GrayMercedes BarrieMercedes BarrieGeorgina WebbLou careyLaurie HarbeckLaurie HarbeckSue GrayMarlene Renton
2006/07Warwick WebbG. Webb/G. HarbeckKirk BamfordMercedes BarrieMercedes BarrieVacantMike GrayLaurie HarbeckLaurie HarbeckVacantMarlene Renton
2007/08Andrew HarrisonWarwick WebbGarry HarbeckMercedes BarrieMercedes BarrieCarolyn HarbeckVacantRichard BaileyRichard BaileyGeorgina WebbTony Bowman
2008/09Georgina WebbWarwick WebbWarwick WebbMercedes BarrieMercedes BarrieCarolyn HarbeckAndrew HarrisonVacantVacantGeorgina WebbGeorgina Webb
2009/10Warwick WebbIan DanielsAndrew HarrisonMercedes BarrieMercedes BarrieCameron SturgessAndrew HarrisonNarelle FrameNarelle FrameVacantGeorgina Webb
2010/11Warwick WebbIan DanielsWarwick
Webb and Dane Stanley
Mercedes BarrieMercedes BarrieCameron SturgessDane StanleyMark PiercyMark PiercyGeorgina WebbGeorgina Webb
2011/12Warwick WebbIan Daniels and
Kevin Elms
Webb and Dane Stanley
Elaine DanielsRose PolinelliCameron SturgessDane StanleyElaine DanielsElaine DanielsGeorgina WebbGeorgina Webb
2012/13Kevin ElmsIan DanielsWarwick WebbM. O’LoughlinKylie HillSusan AllanWarwick WebbElaine DanielsElaine DanielsAdam Hoes Vacant
2013/14Elaine DanielsGeorgina WebbWarwick WebbVacantMercedes BarrieVacantMercedes BarrieSilje HarbunSilje HarbunAdam Hoes Vacant
2014/15Elaine DanielsJake WebbWarwick WebbRob SmmersRachael ForwardVacantBob SwiftSilje HarbunSilje HarbunAdam Hoes Leanne Spiers
2015/16Elaine DanielsJake WebbA. Spiers/I. DanielsRob SmmersRachael ForwardAngela CocksAdam Hoes Annette James Annette James Monica ReinhardtLeanne Spiers
2016/17Elaine DanielsJake WebbIan DanielsRob SmmersRachael ForwardAngela CocksAdam Hoes Annette James Annette James Monica ReinhardtClay Andersen
2017/18Elaine DanielsClay AndersenRussell PriceSusan GouldKathleen MorfittSusan AllanDarren GouldAnthony GollanAnthony GollanMonica ReinhardtClay Andersen
2018/19Darren GouldShannon WrightAnthony GollanSusan GouldEve KurucVacantRussell PriceNatasha GollanNatasha PriceMonica ReinhardtLouise Collins
2019/20Darren GouldAnthony GollanJamie HeskethSusan GouldEve KurucIrene LiitiaeinenRussell PriceFiona KenyonEwan JonesVacantMonica Reinhardt
2020/21Darren GouldAnthony GollanJamie HeskethShona King-GoddardEve KurucVacantRussell PriceFiona KenyonEwan Jones
Natasha Price 
Darren GouldTeagan Bertoli
2021/22Anthony GollanPhillip JohnsonDarren GouldVictoria HigginsAmanda BetteridgeVacantRussell PriceSheridan CocksEwan Jones
Natasha Price 
Liam GouldShona King -Goddard and
Darren Gould